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When You Are Looking For A Solution…

Life can be difficult or simple. The decisions you make determine where your life will go. The issues and problems that happen in life always need a solution. Who will save you? The person in the mirror. Many people are always looking for someone or something to rescue them from the very issues they have created for themselves. We search for gurus, preachers, books, etc The real solution is actually you.
I do not want to sound like an atheist, I believe in a higher power but faith without works is dead. You can pray all you want but if there is not action and belief that the problem will be solved nothing will happen. It all starts with you. Stop blaming the things that happen to you as an adult to your parents, siblings, significant other, or friends. As adults, we have to hold our self accountable.
If you believe in God, he will show you the way but you need to take action. Sometimes the action may be analyzing and staying still and knowing what you did wrong. Being an adult is knowing who you are and the actions you have taken and the effects of these actions. You have to be honest with yourself and know when you are wrong.
Once you know you are wrong, it is time to come up with a solution. Looking for a solution may come in many ways. However, you must consult yourself first before you seek outside help. Prayer and meditation are ways to look inwardly to find the solutions you need in life. This is not easy to come to terms with your mistakes but shadow work is very important for growth. Journaling is another way to come up with solutions to the issues and problems that you may come across.
Stepping out in faith and combatting your issues in life is a sign of bravery and growth. Take it one step at a time. Once you have made the first step, you are closer to the solution. Self-accountability, shadow work, self-reflection, working with faith are all things in life we all must do to become the best versions of ourselves.
What are you doing to hold yourself accountable in 2021? Please comment below.

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