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Understanding The Opposite Sex Should Not Be A Foreign Language

Disclaimer: I am speaking from a heterosexual woman’s perspective. I can only speak from my perspective because this is the life I have lived as a heterosexual woman.

I identify as a heterosexual woman. I am attracted emotionally, sexually, mentally, and spiritually to a heterosexual man. In my 34 years on this planet the subject of men has been rather interesting. I can honestly say that the opposite sex is one of my hobbies. I love men. However at times I just do not understand them and guess what at times they do not understand me either. It is a fair game in the art of love and even friendship. However understanding the opposite sex should not be a foreign language.

When you learn a foreign language you learn the vocabulary, grammar, and culture of the people who speak the language. Over time you learn little by little until you are fully fluent in the language. Let’s take out the time to learn about the opposite sex and they would not be so foreign to us. Women learn about men. Men learn about women.

There is so much miscommunication about the opposite sex. Feminism and MGTOW have turned the tide. Each movement being a reaction to the systems that cause the miscommunication of each sex. I want to talk about 3 examples or conversations I have had with my male friends about different situations involving both sexes especially in the dating/relationship realm. I will provide my opinion on each situation and perhaps make understanding the opposite sex not much a foreign thing anymore.

1.Women always want a relationship, I just want to chill. Ok what does this mean. I was talking to my good friend and he told me in the past he was having a good time with a particular woman and that is all he wanted but his lady friend insisted that she wanted a relationship. My male friend gave in but hated it. He felt like he was forced into the relationship eventually they broke up. What does that mean ? Men are straightforward and direct. My friend just wanted a good time but his lady friend wanted commitment. If she wanted commitment she should been with someone who wanted commitment from the start. A man who wants commitment from you will tell you off the bat and his actions will match his words. A boy will not. Also most women fall in love with a man’s words but sis remember to see if the words match with the actions. Most women love words and Most men love peace. My friend wanted the peace of having a good time. His friend should have not  forced him to do something he did not want to do.

2. When you think I just want to have sex with you, I actually want to be serious with you. When I want to just have sex with you, you think I went to be serious with you. My good male friend told me this insight and my mind was blown. How do you unpack this statement and logic? From studying men and being around them since I declared their my hobby, I noticed two distinct things instinct and logic. First off most men are visual creatures. For the majority when they see a woman they know automatically who is going to be their wife. What do married people do? They have sex. So sometimes with their approach it may seem like they just want to sleep with you and it is superficial but really they really like you and want to get to know you. So if a man is annoying you and being a bit too risque he likes you. Now for the reverse as woman we think if a guy is being an ultra gentleman and doing the right things you may think: oh wow he wants to commit to me and how he likes me. Negative. He wants to sleep with you. Men and women think differently. Next time feel the vibe of your interaction if it is based on instinct and instant chemistry yeah it’s real but if it is too good to be true and too logical and planned sis it’s just a booty call.

3.You may think I am weird. All women are weird. Just a typical text convo between me and someone. However it holds volume to how we don’t understand one another. First off we have a different biochemical makeup. We have different hormonal cycles. Yes men have cycles too. Society holds us to different norms and standards. We may be seen as weaker or we may seen as dominant. A Lot of my male friends love women but just don’t get them. I love men but sometimes I say to myself why are they so stupid. We just don’t get each other. How will this change?

I think we need to study each other. Just like a foreign language we need to learn the culture, vocabulary, and grammar. One way to do that is to have genuine conversations from the opposite sex and listen to each other. Take notes. Also read books on the biochemical makeup of the opposite sex. Men please learn about our menstrual cycle and childbirth. Also,women men have a cycle too; learn about their hormonal cycle and things such as impotence, and erectile dysfunction. We need not to only learn about each other but also respect each other and know without one another we will cease to exist in this world. A man’s sperm is needed to make a baby. A baby resides in a woman’s womb. We need each other.

Let’s make understanding the opposite sex a fluent language.

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