No man is an island. We thrive off of relationships. Connection is important in life. We always turn to the people we know and love when we are working on something. These people should be our lifelines. We want a sense of support from them however that is not the case for the most part.

Here is a hard pill to swallow the people you are the closest to will not support you in what you want to do for the most part. There is an exception to the rule but really people who know you tend to not support you. Your dreams are crazy to them. They think you should stay in your lane. They think you will not succeed. Sometimes they say it right off the bat and mean it. Sometimes it is their lack of encouragement in whatever new thing you are trying to build. They may not come to your shows if you are a performer or not want to pay full price if you are selling a product or service. Guess what it happens.

When I started this blog one of my closest friends told me she doesn’t care about my blog. That really hurt and I even considered not being her friend anymore but I realized that she doesn’t understand my vision and sees me the way she has always seen me. She does not see me as a blogger or writer. That is her perception of me. However that is not how I see myself and I know there will be people who believe in my blog. I am building an audience and my audience does not need to be my friends, people I grew up with, or my family.

As you pursue your dreams, you have to believe in your dream for yourself. You have to be your own biggest cheerleader. You have to know that this dream will happen with or without the support of loved ones. You have to believe in the product and end result. When you believe in yourself, your supporters will come. All of the worry to find the support of your loved ones will vanish.

Eventually when you become successful ironically your loved ones and the ones you grew up with finally believe the vision. They see you as the person you initially saw yourself to be. Don’t give up. Focus on your craft and do not let the lack of support from family and friends deter you from your goals.

It has been 23 months since I have launched this blog. It has been a work in progress. Most people I know could care less about what I write or even care to follow me on social media but I am not distracted by that or the number of followers or subscribers I have. I am focused on putting on quality content and continuing writing about things that hold dear to me as a black woman who happens to be a millennial. This will not change. I am praying that my message reaches the people it needs to reach and inspires the next generation of bloggers and writers.

This is the truth about support. Do not give up!