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Do I Still Care About The Holiday Season?

Should I still care about the holiday season? This is the question; I ask myself as a childless 30 something-year-old black woman in America. I am not really in a festive mood for most of these holidays. These holidays start with Thanksgiving and end with the New Year or rather Epiphany on January 6, 2022. For one, we are still in a pandemic which is really killing the mood for a “festive” holiday season. Also, I am really over the massive consumerism that is exhibited in this season. Finally, I really do not do most holidays, for the most part, considering their origins and history.

I am sorry but celebrating the festive time of the year with a mask is really a mood killer. Also, the massive mandates are killing my mood this time of the year. For the sake of time and brevity of this post, there is nothing to be happy about concerning a global pandemic. A pandemic that seems to not be over anytime soon in the United States.

Massive consumerism plagues the United States for the most part 24/7 and 365 days a year. However, around November till maybe January 1, the massive spending goes up a notch. I could bring statistics if I wanted to however with life experience, most people in this country spend more money around certain holidays towards the end of the Georgian calendar. The main culprit is the holiday of Christmas that emphasizes the giving of gifts for the most part.

This doesn’t still well with me for a number of reasons. The main reason being why are you spending so much money for just one day? Unless you have young children is it worth it?

Another reason why I don’t care about these holidays is their origin. I am a woman from the African diaspora, why do I celebrate holidays that don’t’ reflect the traditions of my ancestor? Which lose the value of their supposed purpose? Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus Christ was born on December 25?  Also, why are we being gluttons on a day that was literal genocide for a group of people? Also, did you know that in ancient times the New Year started in the Spring, not Winter? So why are people of color following these traditions blindly? Why don’t most Black people celebrate and embrace Kwanzaa more or even acknowledge Haitian Independence Day? These questions need answers. But keep drinking that European Kool-Aid.

I have outlined why I don’t care for the holiday season. Do you still care about the holiday season? If so, why is important to you? I would like to hear your reasons why you still care about the holiday season and maybe why you do not care for it. Comment below.


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