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The Next Step in My Money Journey

My money journey has been interesting, to say the least. In my 20’s I had a string of temp positions and was literally underpaid. I never had a stable job due to a number of reasons that need another article written. Managing money was just keeping a simple budget. I am into personal development, so I always read and listened to various financial experts. As I reached my early 30’s I realized I had to do some things differently.

At the advice of my mentor, I joined a credit union in my city Brooklyn, NY in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. The credit union offered a money course offered by a non-profit. At the end of the course, I was matched with a financial coach for free. The financial coach gave me some advice monthly. It was common sense advice based on the money course. It was helpful, to say the least.

However, I felt I needed more. Late in 2019, I went to a networking event in Brooklyn. I met someone who went to my alma Mata Baruch College in Manhattan, New York. I always saw him around but never spoke to him on campus plus he was an upperclassman when I was a freshman at Baruch. What makes me remember him being at my school was because of his height. I am 6ft but he is taller than me. He has to be at least 6’4. Ok enough about his physical description. I started to tell him that I use to see him at Baruch, and I asked what he is up to now. He told me he has his own financial advisement company. We exchanged Instagram accounts.

That same night I met my fellow Baruch alumni he invited to an event he was speaking as a guest. The next week later, I attended. What was interesting was that I was the only woman at the event that spoke about wealth and finances. I learned a lot and wondered if I could use his services.

Over time I followed his Instagram account and was intrigued. I finally got the courage to email him for a free consultation to use his services. That one-hour consultation was life-changing. I then decided to use his services. Currently, in May 2021 I am a client of Robert Fortune of Fortune Advisory Services.

Your network is truly your network. Who would have thought a stranger I would see around my undergraduate institution would be my future financial advisor. I plan to work on eliminating my debt and eventually working on a solid investment plan. It has been brought to my attention he is also an advisor to other fellow Baruch alumni who are also Black women like myself. It doesn’t hurt that the person helping build wealth is the same hue as you. Black excellence at its finest.

Life is very mysterious and ironic. What you work on has a way of working out itself. I have been working on my finances since I was in college. This moment has become full circle when someone from my college is helping me with my finances. I feel excited to work with a financial planner who is an expert and has over 12 years in the financial industry.

I feel the Black community has to build wealth as a community. Helping one another with financial literacy and supporting one another. Everyone is at a different level of your money journey. One thing I can say it is important to invest in an expert to take you to the next level. YouTube, Instagram, and Clubhouse can only do so much. Wealthy people have coaches and advisors. You have to learn to invest in yourself and not do everything do it yourself.

I am learning so much from my financial advisor and I feel relieved. Don’t take my word for it follow his company on Instagram: @fortune

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