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Navigating Friendships As a Young Adult

Dating as a millennial is complicated. However, another thing that is just as frustrating is friendships. Maintaining friendships after graduating college and entering the real world can be harder than when you were in high school or college. Sometimes you move to another city, sometimes your friends get married and start families and sometimes you just need to upgrade your circle. Navigating friendships as a young adult is complicated.
Life happens and people are just busier. There are some people who are fortunate to still keep in touch with their friends from youth and grow and thrive. However, that is not the case for many people. They have had toxic friends and may have trust issues with people. Perhaps they have outgrown their friends.
What can someone do to alleviate this issue? One thing to do is to enjoy your own company. It is important to enjoy spending time with yourself and knowing what you are about. This will strengthen your confidence in yourself and know what you are about. Once you have a strong positive love for yourself you can attract healthy positive people in your life if you want a new circle. Also, you have to put yourself out there. Just like finding a romantic partner, finding new friends involves risk. You have to make plans, invite people, talk to people and listen to them. You have to get outside your comfort zone. With technology, a good number of people have had superficial friendships.
Superficial friendships are toxic and time wasters. As a young adult, you have to know whom you should invest your time on. After taking the much-needed risks in creating friendships evaluate if the friendship is positive and beneficial to you. You do not want to waste time on the wrong people. It is better to have real friends than many friends. Does anyone have any other tips about adult friendships? What are some ways to spend time alone to develop confidence in yourself before creating friendships? Is it easier for you to meet people then when you were in school? Does being an introvert or extrovert play a role in meeting new people? Please comment below.


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