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My Style Manifesto

When you grow up and live in New York City, knowing about fashion or at least thinking you do is a norm. New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world so a New Yorker may know a thing about fashion. I can say fashion is one of my hobbies. I wouldn’t say I am a fashion expert but I have had two fashion internships and one of my dream jobs is to work at Ralph Lauren or Tory Burch. I have had early experiences with clothes. One of my dream jobs growing up was to be a fashion designer. So it is definitely an interest. I even applied to FIT when I was in high school and when I was in junior high school I wanted to apply for the High School for Fashion Industries but I was afraid my sketches were not good enough.

I remember my mom telling me when I was a baby and toddler my late father would shower me with clothes. As I got older I looked up to my brother and his friends and what they were wearing. My mom and brother would bless me with clothes. As I got older I honed in my love for clothes. I know this may sound snobby but I use to want to wear clothes in the right fashion season and I did not like shopping at certain outlets because it was clothes from the previous seasons. Lol.
I would say I like the American esthetic. Americans invented sportswear. What that being said I love sneakers. I also like wearing collared shirts, riding boots, cardigans, and wearing watches, designer sunglasses, and handbags. I prefer designer handbags that are classic minus labels. I am not a flashy person. I’m really not into European luxury brands such as Gucci, and Louis Vuitton even though shamelessly I have Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

As I get older I am still fine-tuning my look. I will now incorporate a beauty routine, I am not a makeup person. However, I do like lipstick, doing my hair and doing my nails. Style is a way to express yourself as a creative. What is your style manifesto as a creative? How do you express yourself in the clothing you wear? Comment below:

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