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Money: Planning is To Win Not To Fail

I am a millennial and as you may or may not know we have been dubbed the “broke generation”. I have provided an article you can refer to describes my generation’s financial woes right here. Some may say the odds are stacked against us instead of our parents, older siblings, and grandparents but we should be in charge of our finances and controlling them. Not outside forces like the government. Money is a touchy subject but I want to talk about it because as an adult it is part of life. Living your financial life without planning is definitely a disaster waiting to happen. I am planning to win and not fail in my finances and I would hope the same for all my readers.

I am an avid reader and have read numerous financial books and listened to certain podcasts. What I can say for the most part when you make a decision to plan for your financial future common sense goes a long way. What do I mean? Just look at your current state and see all the financial habits that have lead to what you are worth. For example, if you do not save for anything how can you invest? If you can not afford something why are you buying it? If you are doing favors for people all the time and not getting paid it is time to stop. One more thing that is logical is if you do not take part in money-making activities how will you make money? This is common sense but time after time people spend and don’t save. Certain people buy something they know they can not afford and also some people are not employed or do services/create things that generate a profit. One more thing if you do not have a profit when you have a business it is an expensive hobby. All of these factors show common sense is needed in planning to win.

Why do I say all this on my platform? Well I am on my own wealth journey. I have made some mistakes along the way and I am learning new habits as we speak. I am planning to win and not fail at money. As someone who is working I am learning, I must save, and be mindful of my spending. I recently quit a project I was working on because I was not being paid. I offer value to whatever I do so with that you better pay me for my time and expertise. I have 9 years in education and 10 years in the media. I have paid my dues in both fields. It is time to pay me.

This journey will be documented every quarter until the end of quarter 4 of 2020. I am a private person but I feel this is a journey a lot of my peers are going on so I will just share it with you and just give my opinion on money, finances, and wealth. Stay tuned for my IGTV in which the first week of the month  I will touch on this journey. Please comment below on how is your wealth journey coming along. Feel free, to be honest, this is a no judgment zone.

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