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Millennial Dating: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Dating is not one of my favorite topics to talk about for a number of reasons but it is part of life. This is a lifestyle blog so here we go. Lol. I have to admit I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I actually have an ancient post where I talk about being dating challenged. Check it out. However, like any other millennial we live and we learn. There are ugly sides to dating and disappointing sides to it. I believe one of the mistakes I did to be transparent was being too aggressive. Maybe it’s the Aries in me. I don’t know. However, with a brand new season in my life, I am going to correct it.

As Millennials we hear of the horror stories about dating. Yet to be honest there are some good things about dating. For one it is a social activity and it is supposed to be fun. Another great thing about dating is you discover what you like and don’t like. Another thing that you discover (this is for the heterosexual people) is that you learn more about the opposite sex. All in all, dating can be a great thing.

Let’s avoid the ugly and bad things about dating in 2019. For one dating is not exclusivity. You are just collecting data about someone you are attracted to and want to know more about them. Also to my women, you can date more than one person at a time, men do this all the time. Be wiser and smarter in 2019. Know why you are in the dating game, is it for casual purposes or an exclusive relationship that leads to marriage. Also, we all know when someone is not interested in you. Speaking from experience move on to the next. To the men please STOP ghosting in 2019, just mention that you are not interested.

What are some other bad and ugly things that millennials need to leave in 2019 when it comes to dating?

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