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Mental Health and Dating An Obvious Connection

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. It is interesting how so many people neglect their mental health. This is so true in the case of romantic relationships. Some people are not mentally and emotionally capable of being in a relationship. There is trauma, poor self-image, depression, anxiety that needs to be dealt with before considering being in a committed relationship.

There is some internal self-checking that has to be made for many people. This applies to both male and female. A lot of people use their partner as a coping mechanism. Stop using a relationship to cope with your issues. Seek professional help. This is easier said then done but very necessary. Once again look at yourself internally and see if you have emotional trauma that needs to be dealt with.

In my own opinion if you have low self-esteem you should not seek out being involved in a romantic relationship. Self-love is the best love. A poor self-image is not a good foundation for a romantic relationship. If this is who you take time to love yourself and spend time dating yourself. A relationship involves two whole people coming together not half a person to create a whole. Invest in yourself, date yourself and seek out therapy.

Therapy is a wonderful tool. I am not a mental health expert but I believe healing yourself is very important before pursuing a relationship. Your relationship with your mind is the key to stability. Nourishing your mind and being around positive people minus romance is one thing to consider.

I have noticed a lot of people who are damaged emotionally and not in the right state of mind pursuing relationships. Slow down sis, slow down bro. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. It is something that many people do not consider because they do not want to run the risk of being alone. However, you want your mind body and soul to be whole before to start an intimate relationship. A healthy person forms healthy relationships.


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