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Live Without Expectations

2021 is here. According to astrology, it is the age of Aquarius. New energy should be coming to the planet. We had an epic year in 2020. I had a dark 2020. Right now, in this new time in my life; I just want to flow. I want to live without expectations. I believe my readers should also live without expectations. Here are three reasons why you should live without expectations:

  1. Less pressure. You give yourself a lot of unnecessary pressure ; when you give yourself a life of expectations. Timelines and what you must do ; Why don’t you live life one day at a time? Trusting your gut and the Creator to see you through. A heavy load will be off your chest. The pressures of the world will not succumb to you.
  2. Less disappointment. When things that you expected did not go the way you wanted, you always get disappointed for the most part. Embrace the surprises of life. Move with intention but do not expect anything in return. Flow.
  3. More bliss. In 2021 let us live in more bliss. Allow life to just come to us and we handle how we can. Taking things as they come. Not expecting anything in return. Living in the moment. Not anticipating and worrying about what is to come. Live in alignment with your purpose.

2021 is a new year. Let us do things differently than what we did in the last decade or last two decades. Let us live a life of less pressure, less disappointment, and more bliss. Happy New Year!

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