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Why I Learned To Not Marry Myself To A Career

Besides marriage, choosing your career path is a very important life decision. Unlike marriage in which divorce or separation from a spouse is determined as a failure, parting ways from a career is not failure. Being married to a particular career can hold you back in many ways. Sometimes a career path is just not meant for you and it is important to just break away and charter new career territory. This has happened to me recently and I will speak about that change.

I discovered the public relations field when I was 11 years old. My junior high school had an assignment for the summer and I had to choose three careers I wanted to pursue. I was always creative so I decided to research fashion design and writing. I was stuck on the third option so I did some research and came across public relations. This career path , I knew it was for me so I thought. For the next 23 years of my life I was married to being a publicist. I had some different phases of what type of publicist I wanted to be. At first I wanted to be a music publicist so I became a publicist for a music blog and then I wanted to be a fashion publicist so I interned at two fashion related companies. During this long journey I worked for free, went to many networking events, hired two career coaches, went to job fairs, did so many informational interviews, got so many rejection letters and guess what I still did not get a full time role in public relations. Bummer. This was a waste of energy or was it? I started to doubt my capabilities and myself as a creative. I took on editorial roles and wanted to pursue journalism or editorial work. I even spent over 20k on grad school to work in media. What I learned I did not need a Master’s degree for Public Relations. This really annoyed me. However amidst this journey the Most High was cooking something up for me.

I am a B student. My public school education before undergrad included advanced work. In elementary school and middle school, I was learning high school concepts. In high school I took AP classes. So I know a thing or two about how to learn in an rigorous environment. As a honors kid being the B student I was ( I was a B student because I am a cool nerd, I have a life the books were not the only priority for me) someone always needed my help with schoolwork. This started at an early age. At my church I was in charge of a tutoring service for the young people. Explaining things to people came naturally to me. Over time I started to run a freelance tutoring business. When I was a college senior I learned about adjunct teaching. I said to myself I want to do that after I met a cool adjunct professor at Baruch College where I studied. I learned I would need a Masters degree to do it. Over time I held part time positions related to teaching randomly while still being married to PR. I eventually became an adjunct professor last year teaching English Composition. After thinking long and hard this year,I have decided to continue down that path. I am open to teaching any grade level because I have experience in all levels even daycare. I found the education field by accident or rather it found me over time.

Have I quit the media field completely? Yes and No. I do not want to work for a media employer but I do want to continue creating my own content through this blog and other future projects. I just want to say your career can change at any point in your life. Your career is not your identity. It is something you do but not who you are. You can always make pivots along your career journey. Have you made a career pivot? Have you wasted your time on a passion instead of working on your gift and purpose? Please comment below.

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