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Kiss Online Dating Goodbye

New York City has millions of people living in it. For many people navigating the dating scene can be intimidating. Online dating provides a convenience for such a daunting task. Whether you use an online dating website or an online dating app, it makes New York City a bit smaller. What do I think of these dating apps? I believe they are a waste of time. I think if you solely use it to get a date then you need to expand your horizons.

I have had very bad experiences with online dating and as of this summer, I refuse to use them. Some people swear by this dating method but it does not work for me. What are the downsides of online dating? They are a couple. I will share them with you.

One reason why online dating is not all that is because of the deception it brings. People like to lie on their online dating profile for the most part. They use old pictures of themselves, lie about their age, height, and even relationship status. You have a fair chance of being disappointed when you meet the person you interacted with on a dating website or app.

Another reason why online dating is overrated is that timing of the interaction. Some people love to have a text buddy than to be on a date with someone. You meet this person that seems amazing and all you do is text and chat or talk on the phone. Over time this may be weeks and you still have not met. This may make things awkward because you still can not catch the vibe or energy of someone over a text.

The final reason why online dating is a drag is that it is too much work. Dating is hard already in New York City, talking to someone and then setting up a coffee date just to meet them and get disappointed is too much. I rather meet someone in real life initially and find out who they are right away.
Yes, online dating gives you options but it is not what is cracked up to be. Be more social and take risks in finding a date. You will thank me later.

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