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Healing Before Entering Relationships

Time goes on in life and we get older. We analyze life and wonder if everything is alright. We wonder if we have enough time to get it together. Healing and being whole is a journey. What does that mean when we want to share a life with someone? Do we have to be completely whole before we pursue a relationship with someone? This is a good question and something that I want to talk about.
What does being whole mean anyway? There are a variety of answers to that simple question but one can say that when you start dating and relating and mating you do not want to be a burden to your partner. A burden may include unresolved trauma that you are letting out to your partner. When you are in a relationship listening to each other is very key and valid, however, do you want your partner to be your therapist? This can be overwhelming for your partner. This is one aspect of healing before getting into a romantic relationship.
Another thing to consider about being whole before being involved with someone is past hurt from past relationships. If you continue to choose the wrong partners and get hurt when you find someone who can be the right partner it may be hard to trust that partner. The residual hurt from former lovers crosses on to the current situation. If you do not resolve this issue then it can hurt your current relationship. In this situation, you must heal before you enter a relationship.
A question that now can be posed from the examples I have brought fought is do we have to be completely whole before we pursue love? What if we are a work in progress? Doesn’t someone deserve love as they process their wounds? I think this depends on the type of person they are trying to pursue a relationship with. If you have a patient partner then maybe you can be a work in progress in your healing process. Healing is a lifelong journey. However, everyone is different and may not want to be patient with you.
The true test of complete healing before entering a relationship is the need to not be in a relationship in the first place. When you feel complete and happy and do not need someone else to feel great then you know that you are healed. The journey is lifelong and knowing that you are ok with yourself and facing your demons head-on will make you ready for a relationship.
Be whole and heal and you will be ready for a romantic relationship. Address all the trauma you have and work on yourself. You are your biggest project and you need to know that self-love matters.

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