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Gratitude in the Midst of a Pandemic

2020 was a watershed event for the world. A brand new life for many people. A reset for a lot of the population. The global pandemic was a shift for me. I just want to talk about the one thing that has kept me sane all throughout this nightmare.

My gratitude towards life is the one main factor I attribute to remaining sane throughout this world event. I lost my job during the pandemic and I was grateful for finding a gig being a substitute teacher for the New York City public schools. I am grateful for a home. I am grateful for life. I am grateful for my network as I transition into looking for more permanent roles in the media industry.

I am grateful for this blog, keeping me challenged and consistent with my writing. I am grateful for family and friends. This pandemic has taught me to be grateful and to remain still and trust the Most High.

I will continue to write and express myself. I am praying that the world gets back on its feet. Until then see you next week for another thought provoking post.

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