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What Do Gender Roles Look Like in 2021?

Gender roles have been on my mind as of late. Several questions come to mind when I think about this term. Three questions to be exact. The first question is what is a gender role? What were gender roles in the past? ( The 1950’s to be exact) and finally What are gender roles in 2021? Let’s explore these questions and then I will talk about my own opinion about it all.

What is a gender role? A gender role is characteristics that are attributed to a certain gender. These roles can be considered how gender is supposed to behave. A gender role can be also seen as a stereotype. Gender roles influence culture in the past and now in modern times. The rules with relationships between men and women can be identified with gender roles.

What were some of the gender roles of the past? I am going to specifically talk about the 1950s because during that time there were very distinct gender roles in this country and I can honestly say around the world.

In the 1950s men and women had distinct responsibilities. Now I can talk about many types of responsibilities with different facets of life but I want to talk about family life and romantic relationships. Men were considered the breadwinners and career-oriented. Men would be the decisions makers and control the finances of the home.They were the providers and were concerned and being the leader of the home. Women were said to be domesticated, take care of the home and their children.

In a marriage, one can say the woman had to submit to the husband and follow their husband’s lead. Also, women had no say in finances and things of that nature. Women stuck to the home and men did their thing in the workplace. This was very distinct is seen in the media with various shows that showed home life with that dynamic.

Where are we now in 2021? Things have changed but in all honesty, it may have stayed the same in some aspects. Women now are CEO’s and as of date, Black women are the most educated population in the United States. More women are doing a balancing act of career women and being wives and mothers. However, some people feel like the ever-changing times have hurt the family dynamic and are leaning towards traditional views.

What do I think of all this? I can agree times have changed. Women are doing more extraordinary things in this day and age. I believe gender roles have helped in the workplace but not in the home. There is a mix of traditional values and modern gender roles in 2021. The home dynamic is changing based on the beliefs of the person who is occupying the gender roles. There is a division amongst the genders about the roles of each gender. The division is evident especially in the Black community. There is a notion that today’s women can not submit to men. There is also talk in the black community that black women can not submit to a black man. Certain black men believe black women have not been feminine anymore and lack submission to a man.

I think black women can submit but there are certain men it is not worth submitting to.Black women have been burdened with the stereotype of us not submitting however a lot of Black men are not leaders. Who can we submit to if there is not leadership in a man. Gender roles have created some sort of gender wars between Black men and Black women.

Gender roles being defined is the root of the problem. What do men and women do in family life and romantic relationships? People have different answers in 2021 unlike 1950 where roles were very distinct.

I believe gender roles in 2021  are making certain women shame other women who want to take on a more traditional role. Some women prefer a more traditional role. If a woman does not want to conform to being a career woman and wants to stay at home with her husband and kids, she should not be shamed. The boss babe is not for everyone. I also believe feminism has thought that choosing family life is making women subject to the patriarchy, which is absolutely false. What do I mean by that? After the 1950s a new revolution occurred. In the 1960s the sexual revolution took place. The role of women in respect to home life and their bodies took place. Women were realizing that they were more than just being a wife and  mother.. A shift occurred. A new thought was reaching the culture. This idea is what the overall modern women achieved to be. They had it all and did not need a man. This is where I believe certain women shame other women who want to live a more domesticated life.

What 2021 has thought me is that some people are moving with the modern gender roles while some people are still more traditional. Some relationships are traditional with the man being the breadwinner. Overall gender roles have changed work life and family life but in 2021 some women are still traditional. This is where gender role are in 2021 versus 1950. I believe also women can choose any gender role they choose.






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