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Forget About Goals, Build Healthy Habits…

2022 has arrived.The second year of this decade. Many people are focused on setting new goals for the new year. This is very good but I think it is cliché. For the last three years, I have implemented a no-goal-setting mindset. My mindset was really solidified with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us be honest we had all the goals set up for 2020. Many people had their 2020 vision and bought their 2020 planners. Guess what? That was useless.

What are the reasons behind this mindset? As a believer in a higher power, I know my life is not dictated by what I plan to do. You can do all the planning and goal setting however life happens. I believe that Jehovah is in control of my life. I believe I should have some sort of vision for my life but Jehovah has the final say. Also, I live in my feminine nature and let life lead me. What does that mean? I go with the flow. I let the divine lead me to what I need to do.  When you over plan when things don’t happen, you will be very disappointed. Save the disappointment and stop trying to control what you think you can control. Let go and let life happen.

Here is what I do believe. Build healthy habits and your quality of life will be improved. A habit is something that you do without thinking because of frequent action. Habits create your lifestyle. No matter what you plan or anticipate if your habits are not positive, your outcome will be detrimental. Healthy habits will keep you on track for anything you plan to do even if it changes because of life events.

What are some healthy habits? I will outline seven habits that will always help you bring to the next level. If you do the following all the time in your life, your life will be amazing.

  1. Drink more water every day. Most of your body is made up of water. A lot of health problems can be prevented if you just drink more water.
  2. Get active every day. Every day try to have some sort of movement in your week. Your body will thank you. Just walk, maybe dance, or go to a gym. Keep your body moving every day. Please have rest days at least 1-2 a week.
  3. Sleep. Do not neglect sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, your mood will be affected.
  4. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Try to incorporate a more plant-based diet, your body will be better off.
  5. Stimulate your mind. What does that mean? It can mean so many things to people but do something that will make you think or be outside your comfort zone. This can mean reading, creating content, journaling, learning a new thing like a language or a new instrument, or maybe listening to music. Do something to keep your mind stimulated.
  6. After working hard and living life, you have to incorporate rest into your life. I am a Sabbath observer in which every 7th day of the week, I rest and let go of the work and busyness of the world and life. I just chill and fellowship with my Creator and loved ones. As humans, we are not robots, we have to rest. You can incorporate a Sabbath day. Please, decide to take breaks between working throughout the day. Ladies and gentlemen, please use your PTO and vacation days. Life is not only about making money and working.
  7. The best habit that I have incorporated into my life is to pray. Prayer is just communication with your Creator. Honestly, it keeps me sane. If you do not pray, you are missing out.

I have outlined seven habits you can incorporate in 2022. By building healthy habits, you will always get to the destination intended for you. I have developed a mindset of building habits and trusting that everything will work out for me. I am not stressing myself out with planning knowing that life happens. Live a life worth living without worry and expectations. Some people may not agree with my philosophy but one thing I can say my life is not in my hands but in divine order. Be blessed and enjoy 2022. Godspeed.


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