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Equally Yoked: What Does That Mean Again?

This blog is an extension of who I am. So from time to time, you will read things that showcase ideas and beliefs that I believe or grew up believing. So with that disclaimer let’s continue. In the Holy Bible the King James Version to be exact 2 Corinthians: 14 ( a book in the Bible for those who do not read the Bible) mentions “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship with righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness” This text unpacks a lot. Growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, this verse was instilled in me, not to date or marry a non-Adventist. This notion was based on this text. What does that mean in lay men’s terms? Basically do not deal with someone who does not share the same beliefs with you.

In my opinion, this is common sense. However, as we all know most people do not use common sense in many things and that includes romantic relationships. I can attest to that you may date someone from the same religion or faith from you but you are not equally yoked. If you do not share the same views on certain things then how can you be compatible? Being equally yoked is also based on lifestyle.

If you do not have the same lifestyle or beliefs with someone then you can not date them, be intimate with them and certainly not marry them. However how many times do people get involved with someone who they are not compatible with?

Can someone who enjoys going to church every Saturday or Sunday be involved with someone who doesn’t even open a Bible? Can someone be involved with someone who thinks oral sex is a sin and the other person is fine with that type of intimacy? Can someone be involved with someone who doesn’t want kids but the other person wants to have children? Can someone be involved with someone who voted for Trump and the other person did not? Can someone believe in investing/business/ and saving be with someone who doesn’t even care about financial literacy? All these examples are what I believe being equally yoked means.

To be equally yoked you have to have the same beliefs and lifestyle. One thing you can not do is change a full-blown adult’s lifestyle and belief systems. You can only change who you are. No one has that power. If you are seeing someone and your values do not align you are unequally yoked. You have to be compatible with someone spiritually, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and financially. As you can see the Bible has some practical advice with many life issues. In my opinion, you should take some time to read it and see how this ancient text has some great gems. Once again being equally yoked is about compatibility.

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