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Has Dr. King’s Dream Come True?

Last Monday, the United States celebrated Martin Luther King Day. It was a day to celebrate the legacy of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. All throughout the day, I saw different social media posts about Dr.King. It made me think; did Dr.King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech become a reality? I feel this is not the case. What can make this dream come true? Honestly, I do not know but I believe that black people in America need to not seek validation from white people and learn to build their own communities.
Dr.King’s dream did not come true. However, was integration a good thing for Black America? I do not think so. I think certain Black people feel that the white community is the standard of excellence and will continue to look for validation from them. Why don’t we build our own communities and thrive? In the past, it happened but white supremacy destroyed it. Why can’t we be more strategic and continue to build.?
I spoke about the poisons of the black community last year and one is disunity. The African diaspora is fragmented. Also , while following certain internet/social media communities I have heard of the term ADOS which refers to native Black Americans to this country. I feel that there is a hidden animosity between black immigrants and the ADOS community. Black immigrants have their beef and Black Americans have their beef. However, to these white people, we are still the lower class. Why have beef? That is another conversation and blog post.
How can we build our own communities if we are not unified? so, we need to accept our blackness and love our blackness. Black is beautiful and not inferior. The next generation needs to hear this. I think we need to build and not seek validation from white people.
Dr. King’s dream can be realized if we just build each other and respect ourselves. What do you think about the state of Black America in 2021? Please comment below:

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