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Dating: A Moment of Clarity

It is 2021 and I feel as though dating is even harder than before. The advent of COVID-19 has me thinking how are people going to date unless they go on a dating app? Dating apps have not been my cup of tea. I started using them about 5 years ago off and on and out of it ;I received countless dick pics and awkward texting situations. To be honest after using it, I did not even go on one date lol. What a waste of time.

Now that COVID has it, there is no way I am turning to dating apps. I realized when the world was open,I was taking the lazy approach to meeting the opposite sex for two reasons fear and lack of confidence. I am a homebody by nature and I hardly go out. I have friends but to be honest I rarely socialize with them and they seem to not invite me anywhere because most likely I will not go. If you want to know why refer to this previous post.

With this in mind, I have decided to give up the pursuit of dating. The pandemic is here and honestly I am just tired. I need to work on my mental health because it has been compromised lately with this pandemic. I have not been feeling my best self at all and looking for a date is the last thing on my mind. I need to love myself first before I even consider a date.

My confidence has been compromised time after time and I feel like I haven’t been getting any attention from the opposite sex pre-covid for the most part. Why am I being this transparent with you who are probably strangers or perhaps people I know because I am in the point of my life that I need stop living in a mask and hiding my truth.

I am working on building myself and I hope everyone who reads this post realizes that you have to be your best self in all that you do. This is enough of my personal tea, I wish you the reader a good day and a good life.

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