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Creatives Should Secure the Bag Too

There seems to be a notion that creative struggles financially. Popular culture celebrates the starving artist. We often see people who are starting a creative endeavor have several jobs they are holding down while pursuing the creative goals. Should that be the way it goes? Creativity and financial struggle I believe should not be the norm.

Creatives should be paid accordingly. I have experienced it in my blooming writing career. I want to be paid for what I bring to the table. Creatives bring a lot to the table. Imagine if there were no books, websites, clothes, shoes, tv shows, photographs, movies, and music what would you do? All of these things are brought about by a creative. Art revives a culture and brings energy to groups of people. I have heard the horror stories of people not being paid for the hard work they have put out into the world.

Why should creative secure the bag? Creatives have bills to pay too. They need to survive. The work, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into creating something is sometimes underestimated. However, it takes a lot of work and sacrifice. So in the famous words of Rhi Rhi “B@tch Better Have My Money.”

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