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The Cause For Black Marriage

Marriage is a very heavy topic to talk about in today’s world of hookups and MGTOW. However, today I want to talk about Marriage for the black community. I am going to make a case for healthy black marriages for 2021 and beyond. I feel like black marriage has been under attack. We can see headlines about 1 in 4 black women not being married and successful black men marrying other races. The numbers are out there but I want to be a media source that promotes healthy black marriages and make a case for it today. Here are three things that Black marriages can do for the Black community:

  1. Build wealth. Marriage is really a contract. Whether you want to believe it or not. The romantic component of marriage, I believe is not the main driver of a marriage. When you have two incomes in a household: guess what there is more income. It is simple as that. Who controls the world? Families. Something to consider.
  2. Build community. A husband and wife is a family. A husband and wife with kids is an even bigger family. Families build communities. Communities are comprised of families. Healthy communities are made up of healthy families. Broken homes contribute to broken neighborhoods. Poverty is rampant. Therefore,crime increases because people have to eat and need to survive.
  3. Build stability. There needs to be stability for children. Having a healthy two-parent home is one driving factor. Single parent households deal with unique challenges that a two-parent home does not deal with. I come from a single-parent household not by choice but by life events. My mom did her best but as a family unit.We could have struggled less and I would not have to endure certain trauma if my dad was still alive or if my mom decided to remarry. I can honestly say a lot of my low confidence and lack of communication with the opposite sex stems from this situation.

These are three things Black marriage can do for the Black community. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Black History Month this February let us not forget about building wealth, community, and stability through solid healthy marriages. What are some other reasons that Black marriage is needed in the Black community? Comment below.

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