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Breaking The Black Parenting Generational Curse

I am a black woman. I will be a black woman all my life and someday if it permits, I will be a black parent to black children. Being a black parent in the 21st century will be a challenge but it will also be a deliverance. I will break all the generational curses that most if not all black parents have burdened their children with. The unnecessary corporal punishment, the lack of trust, the behavior of not making children become adults, the fear tactics, the jealousy and the favoritism all come at play with alot of black parenting from the 20th century. A lot of black women and men just don’t have healthy relationships with their parents. Black parents who are boomers and gen x’rs have a lot of trauma from their parents and they take it out on their offspring unwillingly. It is a lot to unpack.

Religion does not even help the situation even more. The stigmas  developed for the roles of woman as outlined by the holy scriptures is misconstrued by religious parents A woman expressing her sexauality is deemed a slut by certain parents while a man is just being a man when he expresses his. It is a double standard.  Also in many households wearing makeup and wearing jewelry is deemed a sin. This is rather crazy but this is what religion does to a lot of parents. Also alot of parents who had a wild past and conform to religion to cover their shame, they see their children living their life but they are haunted but their own past.

The remnants of slavery can be found in a lot of black parents. Just like the master owned the slave , the parent owns the child in the back of their mind. A parent controls the child’s career, relationships, decisions and the like. What most black parents do not understand is that the Most High gave you the child as a gift to be a protecter and guardian not an owner. No one owns no one. We are free.

What can be done? In my opinion. Just for the children work on yourself and be the best version of yourself. Do not conform to the enslaved mentality of unfortunately most black parents. It is sad. However we can break the curses of our parents, grandparents  and great grandparents. Invest in therapy, pray, meditate, take care of your body, understand the trauma your parents went through and break it yourself. As a future parent I will be my child’s guardian and protector until they are a capable adult.

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