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My Birthday Month Thus Far and What I Have Learned

Aries season is officially over. About 2 weeks ago I celebrated another year around the sun. April 5, 2021 was my birthday and I learned so much as I celebrate officially being in my mid 30’s. I went to an escape room, had brunch, had 2 dinners with friends and family. It was a great time at each event. What did I learn with these celebrations? l learned a couple of things that I will share:

  • Being a late bloomer and nerd is a blessing in disguise. Reflecting in my early 30’s about my teen years and 20’s I thought I was weird and missed out on a lot of stuff because I was a late bloomer and a nerd. I hardly dated, wasn’t in the social scene, and just went to work, school, and church. I thought I was missing something but honestly I can say that I live a drama free life with little heartache and unnecessary pain and pressure. Kudos to me for being a “boring”person.
  • Sex is overrated. Sex is good and all but it is really not much to it. It is crazy how growing up in church it is placed so much value and it gives you value if you wait to have sex. Honestly I can see why sex is so accessible because it so easy and a no brainer. It is not all that. In a society in which is everything is sexualized there is more to life than sex. Don’t get me wrong God created it and it is amazing but it is overrated.
  • Check on your friends. I reconnected with several friends over the phone and I learned a lot about life and myself. We live in world where people are afraid to give a real answer when someone asks you how are you? It is imperative that we find someone we can answer to and give a real response to that question.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. I need to get out of my comfort zone. I realized after grad school, I got too comfortable with myself. I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have restarted my fitness journey, hired a financial advisor, ¬†and I will travel this summer among other things.

These are the things I learned in my personal new year. I have grown so much since April 5, 2020. Until next year.

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